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Car Window decal

Regular price $5.95

Show your love for your fur baby, by displaying one of our unique line of decals and dog accessories on different colors to match your car or style!!

This decal is great for tinted or non-tinted windows. It reads "I love my dog" It's approximately 5"x5"- the perfect size for visibility and safety.

Our decals are made of high quality, permanent adhesive vinyl and come to you ready-to-apply. It will arrive with detailed instructions that will make the application quick and painless. This decal is great gift for new puppy parents and pretty much any dog owner!


** Turnaround time is 1-7 business days after the order is placed. 

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** The price of this decal includes three words and a heart. Any extra word or heart is $1 Sizing up is extra as well. If you need a bigger or smaller size, please let us know before placing your order. we would be happy to accommodate your order. Thanks for looking!


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